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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution (Maintenance Phase)

R19,500 / month

The All~In Digital Marketing Solution Maintenance Plan is available to our clients who have already run through one of our 3 Month Set Up services.

Our All~In Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution Maintenance Plan offers everything you need to achieve and keep a consistent digital presence, from engaging content marketing, SEO optimization, email marketing campaigns, and more. (Average 44 hours per month)

  • Website upkeep and maintenance (30 hours / quarter). Now that your full site is set up, we will take care of updates, hosting, product changes, new autoresponders, new opting freebies etc. up to 30 hours per quarter.
  • Engaging content marketing strategies including:
    • blog posts (2 per month)
    • infographics (1 per month)
    • downloadable eBooks / whitepapers / case studies (1 per quarter)
    • webinar, where relevant (1 per annum)
  • Social media content creation:
    • Developing a content calendar
    • Creating graphics and copy for posts (2 per week)
    • Scheduling posts on various social media platforms (2 per week)
  • Search engine optimization to drive organic traffic to your website
  • Newsletter / email marketing campaigns with lead generation, nurturing, and conversion strategies (2 short per month, or 1 long per month)
  • Website Data analytics to measure performance and identify areas for improvement
  • Quarterly Strategy Session to review, align to business objectives and determine the most effective way forward.
  • A dedicated team to handle your digital marketing needs
  • Long-term partnerships focused on supporting your business objectives

If you’re ready for a Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution, this is your best choice.

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Solution (Maintenance Phase)
R19,500 / month