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Set2Grow Digital Marketing Solution (Set Up)

R22,800 / month for 3 months

Ready to support your business growth in a more meaningful way? Need to take that giant leap into digital, and need all the support you can get?

Our Set2Grow package does just that! From a digital strategy and consistent brand identity development with full ecommerce website to engaging content marketing, SEO optimization, email marketing campaigns, and more.

We spend the first 3 months setting you up for success, see details below.

Once your digital strategy is up and running, you can move to a maintenance program where we take care of your ongoing digital strategy, designed for growth.

    • Digital marketing strategy development (10 hours) – based on your business objectives and current business situation, elements of the following will be included:
      • Analysis of current digital presence and performance
      • Target audience research and profiling
      • Competitive analysis
      • Goal setting and KPI identification
      • Development of a content marketing strategy, including content types, topics, and distribution channels
      • Social media marketing strategy, including channel selection, content planning, and advertising strategy
      • Search engine optimization strategy, including on-page optimization, link building, and keyword research
      • Email marketing strategy, including lead generation and nurturing, segmentation, and campaign planning
      • Measurement and analytics plan, including tools, data collection, and reporting
      • Implementation plan, including timelines, budgets, and resource allocation
    • Unique and consistent brand identity development, including:
      • logo
      • typography
      • color palette and imagery
      • brand messaging, tone of voice, and overall brand personality
    • Full website design and development with e-commerce solutions and responsive design (up to 8 pages)
    • Engaging content marketing strategies including:
      • blog posts (1 per month)
      • infographics (1 per month)
      • downloadable pdf (1 per quarter)
    • Social media content creation:
      • Developing a content calendar
      • Creating graphics and copy for posts (2 per week)
      • Scheduling posts on various social media platforms (2 per week)
    • Search engine optimization to drive organic traffic to your website
    • Newsletter / email marketing campaigns with lead generation, nurturing, and conversion strategies (1 short per month)
    • Website Data analytics to measure performance and identify areas for improvement
    • Quarterly Strategy Session to review, align to business objectives and determine the most effective way forward.
    • A dedicated team to handle your digital marketing needs
    • Long-term partnerships focused on supporting your business objectives

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Set2Grow Digital Marketing Solution (Set Up)
R22,800 / month for 3 months