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Conquer your fear and make magic happen

If you’re familiar with the story of Moses and the burning bush, you’ll know that Moses doesn’t just come across a run of the mill velt fire. No, this bush talks!

The Bush (symbolising the Universe, God, Your Higher Self etc.) calls Moses to a PURPOSE. But, Moses comes up with a dozen good reasons why he’s not the man for the job.

I know you know what I’m talking about. You are probably doing it right now.

The reasons WHY we are afraid can be complex and nuanced. Getting out of fear is not. Here’s a secret: fear is super practical. It is best dealt with by DOING SOMETHING –TAKING ACTION. Your action generates MOVEMENT. Movement OUT OF FEAR.

Let’s look at social engagement and putting yourself out there for your business, as an example.

The complex bit, and I’m going to cut right to the chase here because you have your big girl panties on and can handle this Truth. Whether you are selling a product or a service, your business is an extension of YOU, so the fears around marketing, advertising, and social engagement are, at their basal level, an issue of lack of worth and rejection. This is an oversimplification – I am aware, but you take my point, right?

So what practical action can you take to combat this fear? Here are four simple steps to help you overcome your anxiety.


Extend compassion towards yourself.

Putting yourself out there can be very scary. It’s okay. Repeat after me: I give myself permission to explore. I AM SAFE. The first step to getting it done is acknowledging the fear and then MOVING THROUGHT IT. Make a commitment to be REALLY (and I mean really) kind to yourself. LISTEN. To both your body and your mind. Your mind is telling you stories about why you can’t do this. Your body is telling you a story about the effects of that story (FICTION) on your nervous system.

When you catch yourself in an act (a thought can be an act too) of self-sabotage replace it with either a better thought (I can learn about Tik-Tok even though I’m not a millennial) or a compassionate action – I recommend something like taking a few moments outside in nature and a few deep breaths to help your nervous system to calibrate to your expansion. Why?


Fear is a physiological response to an IDEA. The thing you are afraid of is NOT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. The more you practice Presence – I call this ‘be here now,’ the more you hone the SKILL (you can do this) of extricating yourself from limiting beliefs that are focused on future tripping (worrying about everything that could go wrong) possibly based on past experiences, and focusing on what IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

What is actually happening? You are deciding which platform to focus your social networking on because that’s where your customers hang out. One thing at a time. Do one thing at a time. Do only what matters right now.


Make peace with failure.

Now this one feels VERY SCARY. Because we only win when we can fail with the grace to garner the wisdom and resilience to KEEP GOING. Brene Brown says, “if you are not getting your ass handed to you, you are not in the game.” Get in the game and embrace and CELEBRATE your failures. Failures ARE NOT ABOUT YOUR WORTH. Failures are about your practice. I say small wins outweigh big losses. This takes practice, but YOU CAN DO IT!


Commit to a reflective practice.

For example, use journaling or meditation to help you offload the toxicity of these limiting beliefs. When you take one step towards your dreams, the Universe takes a thousand TOWARDS YOU!


You are not alone.

Maybe seeking guidance feels scary – that’s okay. Guidance is here, you are literally reading it right now! This blog forms part of the Ruby Purpose Project, a community-based forum designed to help you. Statistics (which I shan’t quote, but you can trust) say that we are more likely to succeed in anything we do or learn by doing it together.

Remember Moses, he gets guidance, from his community and the Universe (God, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Ancestors etc). Seek guidance from those who have been on this terrain! I’m an entrepreneur and a businesswoman. I have moved countries and provinces, ended relationships, and quit several jobs to pursue my dreams. The feedback that I get from others is that I am both terrifying and inspiring. I am a massive risk taker. That doesn’t mean I’m not scared every single time I do something that feels out of my comfort zone. I just exercise the muscle of doing it anyway.

Moses goes on to part the sea and saves his nation from extinction and slavery, he sets the captives free.

That’s Ruby’s purpose, supporting you and guiding you to undo the shackles of fear, and dance. Because every time you do, magic happens

Words by Stella Douglas, as part of the Ruby Purpose Project.