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Elements to include in an ad

Note that the elements needed for a successful ad are similar across most platforms – whether social media, traditional media or landing pages (which are basically a really long ad!). A clear and compelling value proposition: The first thing that people should see in your ad is a clear and compelling value proposition that explains

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The Hero's Journey

If your client is always the Hero in the Hero’s Journey, what is your role?

Us. Fascinating. Humans. Why is it that we sometimes get stuck in that no-mans-land of ‘unfulfilled’ – somewhere between a desire and success, between wanting something soooo badly … and actually achieving it? Exploring our clients’ challenges from the perspective of The Hero’s Journey can give you deeper insights, and make your messaging more relevant.

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Twitter Shares


The social media news of the week is that Elon Musk is now the biggest shareholder in Twitter, with a 9.2% stake, bought for $3 billion. And in his true 110% style, Elon is already assessing the situation. I love that Twitter gives us access to the top players in any sector, who freely share

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Content Ideas on Tap

Portend Idea Generator is a fun tech tool that will both make you smile AND stimulate your creativity. Thanks to Carol for finding this gem!! Pop your subject into the subject box, and voila! Fun headline and content ideas in abundance. Seeing as I was heading out to my weekly belly dance class, I thought

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