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The fundamentals for resilience in marketing

How much time and / or money have you spent trying to get a response from your marketing? 

Be it Facebook (or other social media) ads or boosts, paid above the line advertising, like TV, Radio or Print; PR or even reaching out via email?

You’ve read all the how-to guides, and you’re doing what you’re supposed to, but in the end you resort to crazy discounts, or massive spend, as the only way to get traction? I know, I’ve been there!

The question to ask is: 


The answer lies in getting the fundamentals right, before spending a cent in advertising, and before chasing any new markets. Spend the time getting really clear on these fundamentals.


Begin by being super clear on who your very best customer is, or who it it will be as you expand markets.

Then really understand WHY they’re in the market for your product or service – what’s going on in their lives right now that makes them ready to buy your offering.

And thirdly, HOW is your product going to be really relevant to them, how are you going to serve them, based on their WHY. 


About 7 years ago I spent so much, both time and money trying to get interest in my amazing offer. I even paid a funnel specialist to drive sales. Nothing! For some reason, I thought that all my above the line media experience, especially in radio, couldn’t be translated to digital. I was wrong!

After firing the expert, I set about understanding digital for myself. And the fundamentals of traditional media hold fast. 

The benefit of digital is that everything is measurable! You can measure how many people view your offer, how many click, how long they stay on your page, how many add to cart and so much more. You can run several messages to the same audience, and very specifically measure results for each message and what led to each sale. These insights are gold!


Your ideal client is being bombarded by advertising messages all day long. Some messages promise the world, without the slightest intention of following through. Some messages ofer prices so low, you can’t image how they stay in business! 

Your poor ideal client has probably been burnt a bunch of times before she finds you. How will she know that you are different? How will she know to slow down and bother to engage with you? How will she now that YOU care?


All the results begin with your messaging. And your messaging begins with really understanding your ideal client. Understanding what Job they are hiring for.

Once you know exactly WHO your person is, and you know WHY they are looking to buy (more complex than you’d think) and you are clear about HOW your offer serves their need, you are ready to build your messaging.

You might want to skip through to … ooooh facebook ads, but really hear me on this, you’ll be hitting and missing. ONLY once you have the WHO, WHY and HOW in place, are you ready to get your message out there.

If you’ve been ignoring these key steps, you’ve been wasting both time and money. A lot of it! I speak from my own real life experience.

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