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If your client is always the Hero in the Hero’s Journey, what is your role?

Us. Fascinating. Humans. Why is it that we sometimes get stuck in that no-mans-land of ‘unfulfilled’ – somewhere between a desire and success, between wanting something soooo badly … and actually achieving it? Exploring our clients’ challenges from the perspective of The Hero’s Journey can give you deeper insights, and make your messaging more relevant.

We’ve been contemplating this at Ruby. Both for you, our clients, and for your clients.


Understanding how your client feels, being in this stuck zone, and knowing how to help your client get out of this stuck zone, is key to the success of any business.

In our recent Master Your Messaging Bootcamp we looked at our role, as business owners, in our clients’ lives.

Quick Summary

Using the Hero’s Journey as our framework, we see that:

  • Our client is the Hero. 
  • Called to save the day (they want something really badly, and need to achieve success). 
  • They are blocked by the villain – there’s always a villain. 
  • We offer them our wisdom/solution, as their Guide. 
  • With our guidance, they defeat the villain and overcome all obstacles. 
  • They save the day, and achieve success!

Research shows that more than 98% of all great business ideas and business plans never see the light of day.

At Ruby, we have to ask why that is?

When so many people are called to serve the world in their special way, why do most of us keep our dreams and plans to ourselves, stuck in low vibration corporate jobs, dreaming, but not doing?

‘It’s obvious’, you may say, ‘What if I fail? What if I put myself out there and I fail!’

Aha, meet the villain! The ingrained fear of social (and financial) failure, created by a society that prefers us to follow the pack, not follow our dreams. 

Let's recap

  • We have a Hero – Fabulous YOU, and the gifts you bring to the world.
  • And a Reason to Journey – the calling to honour your truth and make a positive contribution in the world
  • There’s a Villain – societal norms that would much prefer us to fit in and play small
  • And you have a Guide –  Team RubyMBA

Our Contemplation? How can we  best serve you, so that you DO achieve success?

Stick with me here, it’s about to get super exciting!

At Ruby, we are committed to getting you from ‘stuck in a 9 – 5’ to ‘actually earning a living from your special gifts’ aka ‘Monetizing Your Magic’!

How can we help you to successfully earn a living from your special gifts?

Introducing, the Ruby Purpose Project aka 'Monetize Your Magic!'


To ensure your success, we have crafted a super comprehensive, and accessible programme that will take you from, yes you guessed it – ‘stuck in a 9 – 5’ to ‘actually earning a living from your special gifts’ aka ‘Monetizing Your Magic’!

And you’re invited! Every single thing about this programme, the Ruby Purpose Project, aka Monetize Your Magic, is designed to set you free, so that the world gets the benefit of your special magic, and you get to live a life fulfilled.

If this thrills your heart, pop us a mail and let us know. We are super excited to support you like this, on your Hero’s Journey, and would love to hear your thoughts.

And of course, stay tuned for all the deets.

Much Love, Gilda