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7 words to strike out to instantly improve your copywriting

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Today’s extra combines two of my favourite communication styles – straight talk and visuals!

The people that you want to reach are probably like most of us. We are being relentlessly exposed to byte sized chunks of information, all vying for our attention. We either feel constantly overwhelmed or we tune right out, or an unhealthy combination of both.

How do you make sure that your information gets through to your people? You know your offer can make their lives better, if only you can reach them. And by reach them, I don’t mean reach their eyes on social media, I mean reach their heads and hearts when they DO see your message.

Here’s how:


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1. Improve your copywriting

2. Include visual – visuals have greater impact than streams of text.

Today’s EXTRA is thanks to @SachinRamje. He takes useful twitter threads and creates ‘hyper-visuals’ so that we get the best of both worlds – great information, in an easy to consume format!

In this instance, Samje used @weskao‘s (Co-founder @MavenHQ. Previously co-founder of altMBA) copywriting tips for his hyper-visual.

Great value here, well worth printing out (if you’re a print-it-out kind of person)!