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Get Productive by Taking a Break

Does even the thought of taking time off and having a holiday make your eyes cross? Do you feel like it’s impossible to get away from work for a few days, or that you just can’t let go of the reigns long enough to leave your business alone?

When you’re working hard every day, it can feel like taking time off is giving into laziness. But it’s actually just the opposite: taking the break helps make you more productive at work. It’s been shown in countless studies that having a holiday helps people recharge, freshen up their perspective, and be more creative when they get back to work.

We understand that it can be hard to step back and take time off. But, by giving yourself a break, you’re actually making yourself better at your job.

According to a study conducted at Vrije University in Amsterdam, researchers found that people who took a holiday break had a “renewed sense of commitment” to their work and a stronger feeling of being connected with their colleagues when they returned.

Other benefits of taking a break include:

  • A break from your routine. The decreased familiarity from your surroundings when on holiday can switch off the autopilot making you more present, increasing levels of stimulation and well-being. This in turn increases mindfulness.
  • Reduces the risk of health issues related to high blood pressure, high blood sugar, excess belly fat and abnormal cholesterol levels. Research has shown that those who go on holiday more frequently are less likely to meet the criteria for a diagnosis related to these issues.
  • Removes you from activities and environments that you associate with anxiety, having a holiday can reduce your stress levels.
  • Increased creativity. When your brain is completely relaxed, it consolidates knowledge and brainpower encouraging that ‘aha’ moment to happen when you’re in a relaxed state of mind.
  • Better sleep. When you work for yourself, you are often plagued with having too much on your mind. By interrupting the habits that disrupt sleep, such as working late into the night or checking your cell phone before bed, can improve your sleep patterns.

So we say, celebrate the break, get out of the office and go on holiday.