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Have you tried a Copywriting A.I.?

We put a copywriting A.I. tool to the test. Check out our results below.


I’ve been fascinated with copywriting AI (as in Artificial Intelligence) for a while now. It’s a wonderful way to kickstart your natural writing juices if you’re facing a blank page. 

At one point I felt like the cool girl breaking new frontiers as I compared notes with other tech nerds as we played with Jasper (formerly Jarvis). I now have a lifelong membership to Nichesss, a sweet little AI writer. 

It’s like having an always-on copywriter in your back pocket!

If you haven’t yet played with an AI copywriter, and you’re wondering what I’m going on about, today’s tech tool is for you! 

We put to the test, it’s FREE. It takes a bit of practice, and the next thing you know it’s spitting out hot content like this:

The brief:

The output:

Hi there,

I’m [name], and today I want to talk to you about a relatively new development in the world of copywriting: the AI writer.

As of now, AI writers can’t exactly write everything for you—but they can be a great help when it comes to filling in the blanks. Let’s say you’re writing a product description, an email newsletter or something similar. You’ve got a text box that needs to be filled up with engaging, entertaining words. It’s not too hard, but it’s also not fun and sometimes you get stuck. That’s where this software comes in handy.

You enter your basic parameters: tone, length, topic—simple stuff like that. Then you hit “go.” The program fills in the rest with content that is made to suit your specifications. It can be really helpful if you just need some extra words or if you have writer’s block!

Written entirely by AI, pretty cool hmm?