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“Crop it like it’s hot” & other useful tricks from Later, is a site designed to help those of us who used to think that mixed-tapes were the ultimate of cool, i.e. those of us not born into the technological advancements of the likes of social networks.

It is a user-friendly, all-in-one, social-marketing platform for popular social networks.


Later offers small businesses the option to plan, analyze, and publish their content in a just few clicks. Priced from $15/month, for small businesses wanting to increase engagement and drive traffic to their website, this is a much cheaper option than hiring a social media manager. There is a limited free-plan option available.

Later also provides informative and friendly blogs and videos, to keep you updated on the latest social media hacks. This is especially useful if you are still trying to come to terms with the fact that social media itself was invented, let alone trying to keep up to date with trends.

Try their blog, “How to Choose the Perfect Instagram Profile Picture” for making your profile picture a “scroll-stopper”.